5 Crypto Trends that Appeared in 2019

The crypto space evolved in 2019, moving a bit beyond the immediate hype of price action. While some trends and approaches failed, other developments came into the spotlight, offering new types of earnings opportunities.

In 2019, the top crypto trends expanded to fill the void of previously defunct models.

Futures Trading: The CME futures trading started back in 2017. But in 2019, the market had grown significantly. The launch of Bakkt futures added to the price discovery of Bitcon (BTC) at the end of 2019. Crypto-to-crypto exchanges also expanded their futures markets in many directions. Some chose to offer futures for the most liquid altcoins. OKEx was among the most innovative markets, adding USDT-settled futures.

The addition of futures also meant that not only BTC owners could hope to trade based on the price risk of the leading coin. Futures markets move by a different logic, and do not need to conform to the expectations of long-term BTC “hodlers”, hence pressur…

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